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About Lakeshore Doula Services


Meet Cara

After stepping away from a successful finance career, I began my training as a postpartum doula in 2022 with Doula Canada. Unofficially, I have filled that role for family and friends for much longer. I’ve always felt that helping others is my real calling, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to work with you.


I'm an outdoor enthusiast, with a small addiction to Starbucks. I currently live in Beaconsfield with my 2 lovely kids, 1 supportive husband and a happy Labrador retriever.

Want to learn more?   Book me for a 30 minute free consultation

What do you do for 4 hours?

Four hours flies by, but that time is yours.


I always start by asking how to make your day better.   Do you need a nap?   Do you have questions?   Can I cook something for you?  

Sitting down with you while you figure out breastfeeding, making sure you are hydrated and nourished, answering your questions is standard.

I almost always end up cooking, because that takes a huge weight off of everyone's mind.  Having dinner ready and the kitchen tidied, while you get a shower and a nap?   Yes, Please!

What do I cook?  I can make recommendations based on postpartum nutrition guidelines, what your family eats or I can take a look at your fridge and figure something out.

Want 5 of my favourite recipes FREE, with no 6 page story?   Click here:

From our clients


"Cara came into my life during a very vulnerable period and helped me transition into my new role as a first time mom. At the time, my daughter was experiencing very intense periods of separation anxiety. Cara (who has the patience of a saint) comforted and played with my daughter so I could get some much needed me time. She was so nurturing to my daughter and I knew she was in good hands.


Cara was also a shoulder to lean on and a more experienced mom I could confide in , which meant the world to me during isolating periods of early motherhood  I whole heartedly recommend her "

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