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How Does a Postpartum Doula Support Families After Birth?

Updated: Apr 14

Follow me through a typical day!

6:30 AM

My alarm goes off and I make sure that my daughter is up and getting ready for school. Hard to believe, but I don't need to do more than listen and make sure she's up, because at 16 she gets ready for school, makes her breakfast and lunch and heads off on her own! If I have clients in the morning, I'm up to workout! Otherwise I may doze again until....

7:45 AM

If I'm not up early, my second alarm wakes me. My son has a later start, so I get him up and going. I double check my agenda, grab some breakfast and make sure the boy gets to his bus. He's less independent at 12, but it's coming!

8:30 AM

If I worked out, you can be sure I'm headed to Starbucks! I always text my families ahead of a visit to see if I can bring them something.

9:00 AM

Arriving at a clients house I start always by washing my hands, then asking my favourite question:

How can I make your day better?

Typically the answer is one (or more) of these:

  • A chat

  • A nap

  • A shower

  • Cooking

  • Laundry

If baby has eaten recently, Mom might be ready for a nap or shower first. If not we sit down and chat while baby eats and I answer all of the questions that have been on Mom and Dad's mind. Also, don't underestimate the isolation of being home alone with a baby. Sometimes a listening ear from someone who isn't going to judge is invaluable!

I almost always make my way to the kitchen. I try to make 2 meals and 1 treat when I have a postpartum shift. Muffins are always a crowd pleaser and I can pack them with healthy ingredients.

What do I make? It depends on the family. Sometimes it's like a cooking show where I rummage through the fridge and pantry and come up with something. Other times, parents know what they want, we've coordinated ahead of time and I just need to prepare it. I always have a list of suggestions if that is what a family needs - because figuring out what to eat can be hard.

You can get 5 of my favourite recipes here! All of them are regulars in my family's kitchen.

If Mom is resting and baby is awake, I grab my baby carrier. I prefer the wrap style since it is super comforting to baby, and easy for me to work in! I have 3 so 1 is always clean and ready to go.

1:00 PM

Four hours goes fast and I'm always happy after I leave a family in a rested state with dinner sorted and the kitchen cleaned. Nights are easier when parents get rest in the day!

On a typical day I head home and grab my lunch. Almost always a salad, grilled chicken, hardboiled egg and Coke Zero. I spend a couple of hours working on administration - being a solo entrepreneur comes with many hats!

Book keeping, social media, answering client enquiries, following up on proposals.....It's packed!

I might stop in my local cafe to grab a treat and work there for a change of scenery!

3:00 PM

I double check my agenda for tomorrow and add tasks that came up in the day, or that I didn't get done. I find 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each day keep me on target!

I also toss my "Doula Clothes" and baby carrier into the wash so I'm ready to repack my bag.

If I have an overnight client - now I sleep for a couple of hours! Getting rest is KEY to making it through a busy overnight shift. If not, the next couple of hours are for taking care of my family, personal appointments and housework.

5:30 PM

Dinner prep! I do 99% of the cooking in our home, and I try to meal prep to make it easier. We have a family meeting every Sunday night to plan our schedules and menu for the week. This has been my sanity saver! You can read about it in this blog post. Clean up rotates, I typically have Monday nights, and my family splits the other days, again we decide in advance on Sundays.

6:30 PM

After dinner - time to spend with my family until bedtime or I leave for an overnight shift. You can be sure that my day looks different after an overnight shift!


Hi!  I"m Cara Benvenuti, the "Doula in Chief" at Lakeshore Doula Services.  I am so thrilled to be following my heart and calling as a doula!  I spent 25 years of my life in finance at some of Canada's largest financial institutions in a variety of roles from advising people on their mutual fund portfolios, to supporting investment management firms.   My goal is to empower women and families to make good financial decisions, and be supported in the journey of new parenthood.

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